I.T. Management Clients

The following consultancy assignments relate to matters other than Xamax's primary areas of work in eBusiness and Privacy.

Private Sector

Australian Computer Society, Sydney, 2015
Series of seminars, nationwide, on Risk Management for Big Data Projects

PSARN International Limited, Canberra, 2010, 2011
Evaluation of, and Documentation for, the Titan development tool for Web and Mobile apps

Cutter Consortium Inc, Arlington, Mass., 2010
Report on Cloud Computing: Managing for Benefits and Managing the Risks

IBM Australia, Sydney, 2004
Series of seminars on regulatory strategy, presented in four States

University of South Australia, Adelaide, 2004
Investigation of an allegation of plagiarism in an eCommerce text-book

European Business School, Frankfurt, 2002
Analysis of requirements in relation to a doctoral program; Preparation and delivery of a 25-hour introductory seminar for new PhD candidates

Australian Health Network / Healthexchange, Sydney and Launceston, 2000
Project planning relating to the establishment of a Public Key Certification Authority

CSIRO, Sydney, 1999
Market research relating to an operational performance measurement tool

Propagate, Sydney, 1998
Evaluation of the corporate strategy, marketing strategy and architecture of the Propagate Conceptual Model for e-trading in intellectual property

Monash University Centre for Electronic Commerce, Melbourne, 1994-98
Assistance with the formulation of the Centre's strategic planning, course planning, and Internet planning and implementation; project management in relation to the E-Comm Aware! project

Monash University Faculty of Business & Economics, Melbourne, 1996-97
Assistance with the formulation of the Faculty's Intranet strategy; review of progress against the strategic plan

Committee of Australian University Directors of I.T. (CAUDIT), 1995-96
Preparation of a model code relating to regulation of Internet usage

Public Sector

Office of the Chief Information Officer of S.A. (OCIO-SA), Adelaide, 2011
Internal Briefing Sessions and Cloud Computing Strategy Discussion Document

N.S.W. Department of Education & Training (DET), Sydney, 2005
Briefing paper on options for the rationalisation of the VET landscape in relation to the production, discovery, licensing and distribution of materials relevant to learning and teaching

Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO), Canberra, 2004
Information management strategy and workshops

National Archives Australia, Canberra, 2004
Seminars on Internet technologies

Centrelink, Canberra, 2004
Security architecture review

National Office of the Information Economy (NOIE), Canberra, 2003
Commissioned paper on eDemocracy

Department of Health and Aged Care (DHAC), Canberra, 2000-2003
Project management in relation to electronic consent for release of patient data

Dept of Communications, Information Technology & the Arts (DCITA), Canberra, 2003
Study of the digitisation programs and standards in collecting institutions, and of integration prospects with downstream industries

National Office of the Information Economy (NOIE), Canberra, 2002
Risk assessment of the Commonwealth Electronic Tendering Service – CETS (through AGS); Presentation relation to the impacts of intellectual property laws on innovation in eBusiness

AusIndustry, Department of Industry, Science & Technology (DIST), Canberra, 2000-2001
Workshops for R&D Tax Concession Branch re evaluation of I.T. applications

National Business Information Service, Ausindustry, Canberra, 1997-2001
Vision, objectives and benchmarks for the NBIS; electronic publishing strategy and planning; meta-data conception and planning; feedback management and change control processes

Victorian TAFE, 2000
Evaluation of delivery platforms for post-secondary education

Australian Taxation Office (ATO), Canberra, 1999
Strategic advice regarding an OECD knowledge-base

Office for Government Online, Canberra, 1999
Workshop facilitation relating to electronic business opportunity notification; requirements analysis, identification of options, and functional specification for mandatory electronic reporting of contracts awarded and standing offers

State Library of South Australia, 1998
Review of the organisation's IT strategy, and articulation of implications for its building re-development project

Single Entry Point Task Force / Business Entry Point Management Branch, Department of Workplace Relations and Small Business, Canberra, 1997-99
Aspects of service strategic planning; planning and implementation of an electronic publishing infrastructure

Electronic Commerce Office and Purchasing Australia, Department of Administrative Services, Canberra, 1989-95
Multiple and successive contracts re the Commonwealth Electronic Commerce Service (CECS), including advice concerning strategy and architecture, over an extended period

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